A Good Check-up Can Save A Tooth and a Hard Drive...

Dentist and patient in front of dental monitorBP Interconnect provides specialized dental IT services to prevent technology headaches, reduce paper, speed billing integrate systems -- letting you and your staff spend more time chair side.

Simplify the technology that is supposed to simplify your practice. We've been working with dentists and all the major equipment, software, and back office suppliers in the dental industry since 2002. That means we are familiar with the opportunities and problems technology presents for dental offices and are prepared to help you optimize your use of technology.

BP Interconnect can help whether you are planning a new office, upgrading your current equipment, or simply have a hard drive gone bad. We install new, help fix, and help prevent problems in practices throughout central Indiana.

The best way we know of getting started is for you to give us a call. We'll talk through the various ways we work to keep keep dental practice technology running efficiently and, if you'd like, set up an appointment to come see you -- no strings attached.

Call to find out more: 765-749-4168.